Demo recorded at Last Track Studio with Annika Fehling and Markus Rill on 14th June 2014.
Alternative version of Old Horses In The Field with added drums and bass guitar.


I’ve been spending  my precious time
Watching the nags standing in the field
Lately I’ve been wondering what they see and feel
As they toss their matted manes into the air

Some days run kicking their heels up
Like they did when they were young young colts
They mooch staring though rheumy eyes
Waiting for that something to happen

Old horses in the field
Old horses in the field
Treat them well
Treat them well
Old horses in the field

In summer the smell of the orchard
Drives old stallions wild again
Come winter mud around hooves
Leaves running legs mired and tired
But oh the urgent nudging and nuzzling
People stand at the old five bar gates
With carrots and apples in pockets
Sweet treats for hard ridden mates

Old horses in the field
Old horses in the field
Treat them well
Treat them well
I know just how they feel

Harry Rogers, in the old study 29-11-2013


  1. Am none too confident around horses!
    When I was a student in Lampeter, I got ‘roped in’ to tutor the daughter of the house at Cai Iago…somehow, remuneration translated into
    horse riding ‘opportunities??? Would have seriously preferred to have stuck drawing pins in my own eyes! The fear often revisits me…a veritable nightmare…we seemed to be moving at enormous speeds, becoming repeatedly entangled in the branches of trees etc…my sister at Trebedw and her daughter are both very competent horsewomen…loving tbe alliteration again…matted mane…nudging and puzzling…so evocative..


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