The abuse of pandemic rules,
By rozzers who take us as fools,
On Clapham common, truth be told,
The old bill clobber young and old.
Now see the state intent revealed,
Women grieve on West London field,
Heavy hands push speakers to ground,
Arrest anyone who makes sound,
The gauze is torn from front of eyes,
Now, at last, people realise,
The path that we are going down,
Across the land, in every town.
Right wing Tories ramp up power,
They watch us all each hour by hour.
Soon they’ll pass new legislation,
Activist incarceration,
Lock us up, throw away the keys,
They’ll kick us whilst we’re on our knees,
Tell us all we must have order,
Prison camps preserve our border.
They’ve gone too far, what will it take,
To reign the rich, the cruel, the fake?
Strong resolve, point up solution,
Bring on velvet revolution,
To overthrow draconion,
Nightmares from crazed Etonian.

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 14th March 2021


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