Aggravation will drive me to action.
When ritzy apologists treat us like
Wasps trapped inside hand carved wooden bottles,
As they poke us with sticks through tiny holes,
To make us buzz for their perverse pleasure,
That’s the moment I get aggravated.
The way establishment figures believe,
They have an inalienable right,
To continue to behave as if they
Are, in some strange way, better than we are.
Entitled to exploit us for profit,
Entitled to avoid their share of tax,
Swan around in Sunseeker luxury,
Stir up racial hatred to break our class,
Destroy all semblance of right to protest,
These are some things that will aggravate me,
So yes, you can say I’m an activist,
And also, damn right I’m aggravated,
It seems now, as people are promised a
Return to the old normal Shangri-la,
Is the moment to enact a state coup.
They can criminalise activism,
Through ill defined state run aggravation,
Their problem is they can’t defeat ideas,
Join us as Aggravated Activists.
Pissed off by the descent to fascism?
Join A A today, you know it makes sense.

Harry Rogers, in the Yellow Room, 13th March 2021


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