In 2019 I spent a few days with my good friend Steve Baird in Sandy Springs in Atlanta Georgia and we recorded some rough demos. This is one of them.

She’s sitting out, in Greenwich Park,
Upon a bamboo chair,
Looks through a purple telescope
Whilst brushing out her hair.
This garden is a secret place,
She knows not what I dare.
I have been stealing apples for
My family to share
Her dress is white with gold damask,
Translucent skin so fair
Around her waist a chatelaine
Of silver she did wear
She looked so fine, I wanted her,
As swallows need the air,
But, deep inside, the truth I knew,
For me she’d never care.
Tomorrow I’ll be back again,
I hope that she’s still there,
While I scrump more of her apples,
Perhaps, even, a pear.
Next morn I spy her burning house,
Smoked flames reach everywhere.
Beside the purple telescope?
Her empty bamboo chair.

Harry Rogers
Aberbanc – In the hut: 22/11/2016
Ballad – Subject: Class – Unrequited Love


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