From Sandy Springs to Mableton,
That’s where I long to hang.
I’m on the plane in twenty two,
To meet my homie gang.
The Green Room
The Green Room
Gotta get back there
The Green Room
The Green Room
Gonna fly back there
The thing I miss the most of all
Is jamming in Atlanta.
That southern groove a music school,
Love jamming in Atlanta.
With Critter and Sean in Tucker,
Watch shadows on the moon,
Roosters strut and pandas pucker,
God how I miss that room,
Go jamming in Atlanta
Miss jamming in Atlanta
I watch Ten Thousand Pontiacs
Roar at Fat Matt’s Rib Shack
I howl the Wolfs’ Red Rooster blues,
I’ll soon be winging back.
The lovestorm,
The lovestorm,
When jamming in Atlanta
The lovestorm,
The Lovestorm,
Love jamming in Atlanta

Harry Rogers in the Red Bedroom, 8th March 2021


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