Level up, level down, red wall, blue wall,
Tax up, tax down, oi lend me half a crown,
Put a levy on, hoover up some crumbs,
See the CEOs twiddling their thumbs,
Extend the furloughs, varnish over cracks,
Bring back two for one, pork pies and Big Macs,
Keep Matts’ health contract, no-one has read it,
Deny his big lie, forget he said it,
Big up the vaccines, claim a victory,
Consign the mistakes into history,
Tell all the people first thing in your head,
Soon life starts again, don’t mention the dead.
But the truth is, none of this is over,
In fact we’ll find it’s only just begun.

Harry Rogers, in the Yellow Room, 3rd March 2021.



That lighthouse on Tybee Island
Shines the river to Savannah
Where those old duelling pianos
Stomp Georgia rock blues all night long
I’ll ride the Amtrak from New York
To get me where I long to be
Way down south back to Savannah
On the riverboat in Tybee,
With a bowlful of shrimp and grits,
Fried green tomatoes on the side,
Some ice cold IPA to drink,
Then play stud poker as we ride.
Will I ever go back again,
The way things are, without the planes,
There is no way to live my dreams,
Locked down? Locked up is how it seems,
Still the light shines bright gleaming beams,
To guide us all back to Tybee.

Tybee Island Lighthouse

Harry Rogers, in the Yellow Room, 2nd March 2021