She said
Put your faith in nature
It won’t let you down.
Along came Katrina
Blew her house right down
So she moved to Texas
To a trailer park
Where the ice storm took her
Froze her after dark.

If you
Put your faith in nature
It will let you down
No one can control it
Gonna let you down
Some folks say the sun is god
God makes forests burn
Rains wash out entire towns
Nature lets us down.

We see
Thousands die from covid
Every single day
Oceans warm, fishes die
What more can we say
Don’t put faith in nature
You can’t manage it
Nature is so random,
Who knows where it hits?

So now
All we can do today
Is to live with it,
Try to make life better,
Just a little bit.
Nature is wonderful,
In so many ways,
But don’t put faith in it,
It WILL let you down

Harry Rogers in the Yellow Room 1st March 2021


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