Harri Boy Rogers and Friends LIVE at Get Off The Grid.

What I did on my holidays in the the USA this summer.  

Scene Red, the band I sing with and write lyrics for, were invited to play at the Get Off The Grid Solar Energy Festival in Hemptown, North Georgia.  We could not raise the funds to get the whole band over so I spoke to the organiser, Bill Fleming, and he said “Don’t worry Harry, you come over with some songs and I will get you some musicians to play with.”. I arrived in Atlanta with some lyrics on my phone and met up with Craig Rafuse.  We spent four or five hours working out some chords for the songs and then we duly set off for the festival at the end of the week. I had a slot booked for the Saturday evening at 7.30pm and by midday Craig and I had hooked up with Steve Baird, a great drummer and film maker from Sandy Springs in Atlanta. Over a beer at lunchtime I was talking with David Herndon from Athens, lead guitarist with the Caroline Aiken Band, and when I said I was trying to put a scratch band together for that evening he said “I’ll play with you Harri.”, so we had lead guitarist on board. Steve Baird played drums with a great band from Atlanta, Hair of The Dog, and he persuaded their lead guitarist, John Fergusen, to join us, by six o’clock things were looking good but we still needed to find a bass guitarist. Devin Harris said “I’ll play bass with you guys if I can get a bass guitar and an amp from somewhere.”.  A band finished playing on the mainstage at 7.00pm, Devin borrowed a bass and an amp from them and turned up with these on a golf cart at 7.15pm with the other guys, none of whom knew each other, let alone me, neither did they know any of the songs.  This is a recording of what happened when we started playing on the dance tent stage at 7.30pm. I will say this y’all, they sure know how to jam in Georgia.


One thought on “Harri Boy Rogers and Friends LIVE at Get Off The Grid.

  1. Fuck me Harry – that’s brilliant! I live off grid yet still get the feed in tariff from my solar panels: nearly £1500 last year, so maybe I should organise a festival. Your whole band maybe able to afford to attend! I’m so impressed with your belated musical career – and a tad envious. Well done mate. Pete x

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