My Zeitgeist Tie Dye – a hippy lament.


On the 26th August 2017 I wrote this lyric sat at the kitchen table in Bill and Jacqueline Fleming’s house in Candler Park, Atlanta.

My Zeitgeist Tie Dye

One of those days when everything is right,

When you turn up looking clean outa sight,

People are smiling and you soon see why,

Everybody’s wearing their old tie dye.

Going back in their mind to better times,

When bent politicians paid for their crimes.

My zeitgeist tie dye

Brings a happy sigh

My zeitgeist tie dye

Will make no one cry

The tee shirts, the waistcoats, bell bottomed loons,

The beads and the joss, those Grateful Dead tunes,

That time when the young all tried to be nice,

When every day was a roll of the dice,

When the righteous stood up against the war,

When we knew what we had to struggle for.

My zeitgeist tie dye

Brings a happy sigh

My zeitgeist tie dye

Will make no one cry

When the sun shines on this human rainbow,

More psychedelic than any light show,

Young and old, together they can unwind,

Whilst spectacularly blowing our minds.

Don’t know if it comes from below or above,

I still hanker for that old peace and love.

My zeitgeist tie dye

Brings a happy sigh

My zeitgeist tie dye

Will make no one cry



Tie Dye.

A song for Steve Baird.
521 Harold Avenue: 26th August 2017.

Two days later I went into Steve Baird’s basement studio with Steve Baird – Drums, Craig Rafuse – Rhythm Guitar, and Susannah Masari – Backing Vocals where we laid down some backing tracks for this song.  I returned to England with the recorded stems, when I got back I set up a session in Andrew Howell’s studio, Andy’s Gaff, in Frome on Saturday 23rd November with Steve Young on guitar, Robert Goldsmith on Saxes, and Andrew Howell engineering. On the afternoon of Tuesday 5th December in Harriboy’s Hut, Aberbanc, West Wales I sat and did the above Mix.


Steve Baird setting up the recording software in his studio in Sandy Springs, Atlanta.


Craig Rafuse listening back with a cup of coffee in Steve Baird’s studio.


Susannah Masarie listening back.

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