One Way Ticket To Mars


I had a ginger cat that sometimes killed a mouse

I had a shiny car parked up outside my house

I had a steady job that I really thought would last

Now everything has gone, relegated to the past

My dreams and aspirations have all come tumbling down

Wife and kids live with her mother in another part of town

The only thing that’s left now I’ve landed on my arse

Is to try and get myself a one way ticket to Mars

A place where I’ll be blinded by the brightness of the stars

Where there will be no driving round in comfortable cars

No more late night drinking in my favourite bars

No more gigs down Deptford with those sweet, sweet guitars

It’s time I got myself on that one way ticket to Mars

There are no rotten human beings there to treat me so unkind

All those problems down on Planet Earth?  I’ll leave them all behind

I’ll climb into that rocket ship and become a pioneer

Things can’t be any worse up there than all this shit down here

I’ve got no cash inside my pocket

So strap me up into that rocket

I’ll take that one way ticket to Mars

I wanna one way ticket to Mars

I’m on a one way ticket to Mars

A One…….. Way……. Ticket

See ya……wouldn’t wanna be ya!

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