NaPoWriMo April 2013 # 26.5 The A-Z Of War


Coming off the plane

We see they are in pain

Heading back to a hospital bed

This is the lost boys’ A – Z


Abandoned Afflicted Anguished Men O War

Beaten Up Bedraggled Broken Men o war

Cracked Crashed Crushed Men O War

Damaged Dejected Distraught Men o War

Empty Enraged Exhausted Men o War

Feeble Forsaken Fucked Men O War

Ghastly Gloomy Glum Men O War

Hapless Horrified Hurt Men O War

Ignored Ill-starred In a right state Men O War

Jacked up Joyless Jumbled Men O War

Kooky Kracked-up Kranky Men O War

Lamentable Lost Lumbering Men O War

Messed up Miserable Mistreated Men O War

Neglected Nervous Not wanted Men O War

Oh so tired Old Before their time Overlooked Men O War

Panicked Pathetic Pitiable Men O War

Quashed Quiet Quirky Men O War

Raddled Rattled Ruined Men O War

Shambling Smashed up Spoiled Men O War

Tattered Tormented Tortured Men O War

Unfortunate Unhappy Useless Men O War

Vanquished Vertiginous Violated Men O War

Woozy Wounded Wretched Men Of War

Xanadud out X-rayed Xyloid Men Of War

Yawed Yearning Young Men O War

Zero-rated Zonked-out Zoonotic Men O War


Who Knows the whys and the wherefores

Or what it was they were fighting for

All these broken young boys we call our Men O War


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