NaPoWriMo 2013 # 17 – DING FUCKING DONG


On her final day it’s Maggie Maggie Maggie Gone Gone Gone
Yet all her consequential damage carries on and on and on
See the gun carriage trundle like a tumbrel through the streets
Whilst her ex executives are claiming victory from defeats
Deluded parrots and sheep stand dementedly in the rain
Believing all that yellow hack garbage as it’s trotted out again
And in the wreckage of her wake we are all left feeling slightly ill
It’s such a bitter pill to take whilst we are picking up the bill
Those who think that this is over now had better think again
The poor and the disabled will soon be suffering deeper pain
I’m glad her funeral’s finished and the old ghouls have slunk away
Now I’m busy sharpening all my tools to help build a better day

Ding Fucking Dong
Ding Fucking Dong
Ding Fucking Dong

Time for moving on………

Tumbrel 1