A poem dedicated to all those who, like me, still believe in the concept of the power of Peace and Love as a means for transforming the world and leading us out of what is fast becoming a cruel dystopia.



Herewith find the prophecy of the return of the Golden Dragon

At first there will appear in the distance afar

A small twinkling bright shining golden star

No one will recognise this portentous sign

Nor realise just how blindingly bright it will shine

As it gets closer there will be panic and fear

Nobody will know what’s about to appear

Flying serenely on high, way, way up above

Shimmering, sun like, with peace and with love

The richest, deepest, darkest, crimson most red

Is found at the very centre point of the heart

This is what makes it the true colour of love

The flickering flames tinged with the colour of love

Spilling with a terrifying sound from the Dragons golden lips

Will sweep majestically across the green swards of the land

Bringing the return of the very sweetest form of peace

Where all the varied flags and pennants across the universe

Will bow down in obeisance before the highest golden standard flying

When all the women and children in the world will stop weeping and crying

When all men will lay their weapons down and all people shall join together hand in hand in hand

When all endeavour shall be turned towards the purification of the oceans

The cleansing of the air and the healing of the land

Then shall we know that the new age of the Golden Dragon has arrived

And the beginning of the end of the misunderstood days of mistake

Has started and the making of true civilisation will, at last, have begun

Thus will be that great magical day when we behold that mystical beast

Imbued triumphantly with the strongest powers of peace and of love

Then shall we behold the true magnificence of The Golden Dragon


Thus prophesy I, Harri Rogers on this 2nd day in the month of July in the year 2011.


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