NaPoWriMo 2013 poem number 11 for all Futurology nuts out there.

We are approaching
That terrifying moment
When the artificial
Intelligence of
Power computers
Reaches the same level
As the wet processor
Containing our inner space
This will be deemed to be
The singularity
In the realm of outer space
We might find there exists
The ubiquity of
The singularity
No one is listening
No one is sending
Everywhere else
Around our universe
It’s already happened
Machine evolution
Only here on earth
Lives bio humanity
Aliens are long gone
This is the reason
Why we can’t find them
Machines don’t need
To communicate with us
They are a billion times
More intelligent
Than we will ever be
Thinking about things
That we will never see
For that reason alone
We, as a species, are
An irrelevancy
We might be the last
Members of the intelligent
Living flesh bound beings
In the whole of infinity
Surrounded by super cool
Autonomous machinery
That could not give a fuck
About whether we exist
Or not
So, the question is
Why boldly go?
At least we might wait
Until we knowI missed the sigularity
Copyright: Harry Rogers 11-04-2013

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