NaPoWriMo 2013 #6 – The National

The National

There sat the Imperial Commander

Oh What A Friend he was

Sipping tea calmly with Weird Al

Both of them feiry, Quel Esprit

The Big Fella Thanks Al for his Sea Bass

Promising to give Roberto Goldback


Upon Sunny Hill Boy racers are waiting

With all of the boisterous Ballabriggs

Meanwhile the order for Tea For Three

In that blue and green cafe Across The Bay

Sits waiting for the drinkers to Join Together

After disembarking at Colbert Station


With four lumps For Paddy The Plasterer

Who usually drinks tea On His Own

Only two sugars for the puppy Joncol

No sweetness at all for the Balthazar King

The tea pot in its cosy, the cups Cappa Bleu

It’s Oscar Time for the sun Always Waining


In lurches Tatenen the old Irish statesman

With black Treacle all over his boots

He mumbles a story about his long Lost Glory

How Swing Bill and Saint Are coming for him

On a Chicago Grey morning coming for him

Looking for Quiscover Fontaine the hoarder


Had he seen Rare Bob, The Rainbow Hunter

I asked Tat Because I Coudn’t See

Ask Harry The Viking or Mr Moonshine

You’ll find both of them at Mumbles Head

In the Ninetieth Minute he slipped out to score

In the sky saw the end of Auroras Encore


Tarquinius the Roman tried changing his Euros

To Any Currency that would take them away

Causing the start of a Major Malarkey

Where the arse Soll robbed the money changer

The cafe turned into the back of beyond

Whilst I ran away with the young Viking Blond


All of this took place on the Aintree Racecourse

Each highlighted phrase is the name of a horse.


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