Well there we are then Tom Watson says that the person he is referring to is not Sir Peter Morrison (a close ally of Thatcher) so the plot thickens. As I said earlier to my mate in London there are an awful lot of skeletons rattling in an awful lot politicians closets and now the allegations are starting to fly even Pandora would have a job closing this box of tricks….. the next couple of months are going to see some of the most vicious politics we have ever seen in the UK. My breath is well and truly bated as someone said to me today WHAT NEXT?



  1. The Murdoch press has always been despicable on these kind of scandals and I agree they are very opportunist when ever they have the slightest chance of inflicting a wound on the BBC they take it. There must have been a lot of journos who knew about Savile, especially at the Sun and the NOW, so it is a mystery why they never chose to expose it. The only thing I can think of is that Savile, like many other people in exalted positions, had knowledge of where a whole lot of “bodies were buried” and therefore had only to threaten to reveal the activities of all the other perverted scumbags across the elites who he was gallivanting about with for any investigations to be hushed up and swept under the carpet. Tom Watson is, in my view, very brave to move the issue onto broader territory and should be applauded for doing so.


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