The Impossiblism of Olympic sport for all

The utter impossiblism of a total sport for all policy in such a period of austerity defies belief. Clearly this is all a nonsense, but it won’t stop the politicians from making false promises in the afterglow of the games.  They’ll have us protesting on the streets demanding sailing,cycling and riding for all…… Equality is all about access, always has been and always will be. It just ain’t gonna happen but we will be sold a whole lot of dodgy pups along the way to make it seem as if they are trying to make it happen.  The Games make us believe that there is some semblance of reality about the whole shibboleth when in fact it is a gross confection designed to make us substitute spectacle for real life, hence the massive increase in the sale of Doritos, Lager and Coke. These are the days of the couch Olympics….

Trying to make us all strive to attain artificial recognition for achieving what in most cases (apart from distance running) amounts to a few centimetres is a distortion of what it means to really make a difference in this world.  When I was young I was good at swimming and swam for m school in the county championships, however I was a total dork at athletics and gymnastics and I gave up trying at those things I was not either good at or interested in.  The Cameroons will have us believing that it is all about competition.  Where is freedom of choice in this debate?  How will children who don’t want to compete be dealt with?  I already feel ostracized because I have not watched the games.  All this Strength Through Joy type propaganda is really dangerous and leads us into murky waters.  Still I will not stay silent even though I am outnumbered in my disquietude. Let’s see how much of a free country this island of ours is…..

So come on Olympics supporters say your piece but don’t think for one minute that I will not fight tooth and nail to destroy your pointless shallow arguments, bring it on if you’re so keen on competition lets have a ding dong, any place, any time, if you think you’re intellectually hard enough…


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