Every dogma has it’s day (nod to H G Wells)

Just a little rant written whilst playing poker on Facebook this morning, I had Marcuse’s essay On Repressive Tolerance in mind whilst bashing the keys for this one.  The title is a quip from H G Wells, I thought it was neat so I nicked it.


In the interest of balance
They have to keep it fair
Not just on the BBC
But every fucking where
Every Huckster politician
Has to have their say
When you’re watching television
Every dogma has it’s day
But anarcho syndicalism
Is nowhere to be seen
They keep real alternatives
Off of every screen
When you’re watching Panorama
Or Paxman on Newsnight
There is no more analysis
Just phoney left v right
No wonder the electorate
Can’t be bothered anymore
When they don’t even notice
We don’t want their bloody war!

Copyright: Harry Rogers July 1st 2012


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