Scene Red downloads now available on Bandcamp

Scene Red have opened a new page on Bandcamp where there are a few demos available for download at the super cheap minimum price of 40p.  We need to raise money so that we can get into the recording studio and record our first album.  Here are the links to the available tracks:- 


Chilly Dogz CDs available for download on Bandcamp

I have uploaded both of the Chilly Dogz albums to Bandcamp and they are now available at the bargain price of £7 each or 70p per track.  Here is the link:-  .  These albums were both recorded at Red Kite Studios in Llanwrda, and feature Harry Rogers on vocals and Marc Gordon on guitar.  Also Dave Sutherland plays guitar on Old Red Volvo Car on the Smear across the Windscreen album.

Scene Red – Live at Oliver’s Jazz Bar – 14th April 2012

Scene Red played it’s first full gig at Oliver’s Jazz Bar, 9 Nevada Street, Greenwich, London SE10 9JN on Saturday 14th April 2012.  It was a great night for us as we we had no idea how the public would receive our music.  As it turned out we went down very well indeed.  We played from 11.00pm until 12.45am and had a blast onstage.  There is some video footage of the event and here is the You -Tube video of An All American Boy.   We hope to do some more gigs in the near future and have a small festival lined up in May.  more news soon, meanwhile many thanks to our friends who made it there on the night, it means a lot to us to get your support.