Scene Red rehearsal video “SON”

I wrote this after hearing that friends had lost a son in Afghanistan.  I could not really reflect their anguish at such a loss so I decided to write a poem based on feelings that I might feel in a similar situation.  The lyric follows and has become a song that Scene Red are rehearsing for the upcoming recording session.


Son, as I stand here, all alone

Looking down, upon your stone

I remember passing out day

You’d grown so tall, and oh so brave

You looked so smart, so very proud

And the band was playing, very loud

I stood with your mother, by my side

Both of us swollen up with pride,

But a feeling niggled, deep inside

In my heart of hearts I knew someone had lied

I knew the donkeys had lied to the lions

In pursuit of new fires for their irons


Son, it is very hard to take,

Son, I know I made a big mistake,

Son, I knew the war was one big fake

Son, your mum and I ache and ache

We’ll never, ever, get the chance

To see you dance your wedding dance

Son, oh son, my lovely son

Son, oh son, my lovely son


When you were still a little boy

I brought you a bright shiny toy

I thought you’d have a lot of fun

Playing with your new toy gun

Now I know what I must do

This is the promise, I make to you

Whenever I meet fathers and sons

I’ll tell them all, smash up your guns

Fathers and sons – smash up your guns

Fathers and sons – smash up your guns

Do it now – do it – for my son!

Copyright: Harry Rogers – Aberbanc 3/3/2010


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