Old Red Volvo Car – The Chilly Dogz with Dave Sutherland

I wrote this on the day I heard about Johnny Edgecombe’s death.  I was in the South of France on holiday at a place called Banyuls Sur Mer and sat in a bar drinking pastis and thinking about the 1970’s when Johnny and I had a lot of adventures in his vintage Volvo.  Recorded at Red Kite Studios with Dave Sutherland on Guitar and Marc Gordon on Roland Guitar Synth and on The Chilly Dogz 2nd album.


Playing chess with Johnny Edge

In The Tolly public bar

We spoke of blue nosed schooners

Sailing Caribbean seas

Johnny dreamed one day that he

Would journey there from Africa


He brought me a brown leather jacket

From the market in Amsterdam

He said “Harry man this fits you

Much better than it fits me,

I think that you should keep it

It won’t cost you a damn.”


Now Johnny had become a gentle man

In spite of his violent past

He loved his three children

Truly with all his heart

He was always a father

Right up to the last


Bringing Greenwich and Bermondsey

The finest in jazz

From Dudu, Django and Stan

Not forgetting Paraphernalia

The Edges were smooth, the music so cool

Johnny had living p’zazz


Now, no more pints of Guinness

Downed in one, by the jar

No more tastes or toots

To brighten up our days

No more midnight cruising

In that old red Volvo car……..


Goodbye Johnny

My Brother!

Copyright: Harry Rogers – Banyuls Sur Mer – 03/10/2010


2 thoughts on “Old Red Volvo Car – The Chilly Dogz with Dave Sutherland

  1. ive always wanted to meet mr edgecoombe and lucky gordon and all from that erra. ive always had an interest in them and anyone who was involved in that scandal.i used to hang around in the west 11 area in the later part of 60s and through the 70s, drank in most pubs in the portobello rd i e the coalville and finches/apollo in all saints rd,.seen many faces and made some good friends ,a lot of them now dead and gone, iv always wanted to know what happened to a little black guy nick named polki,i never did know his real name but would like to find out,i did here he went into a home because of illness and age.if anyone remembers him could they tell me his real name.cliff bryan in aylesbury bluesco2000@yahoo.co.uk


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