Zombies in the Beatles Graveyard

I just thought I would add this one to the poetry category here as otherwise it will just get lost in the morass that Facebook has become, especially since the new timeline came in.

Zombies in the Beatles Graveyard

There are Zombies in the Beatles Graveyard

Laughing and crying at the inescapable conspiracy

 The seed of understanding germinates the meaning of meaning

Where nothing is certain anymore except for the existence of smoke and mirrors

 We spent our leisure time searching for reason whilst sucking nihilist gobstoppers in the giant sweet shop of life

 We might think that we are in control of our destiny but Capitalism is uncontrollable, anarchic and beyond belief

 As the gleaming castles of Mammon close their giant chromium plated doors to the overpaid minions that have already got themselves alternative employment teaching ecstatic dance to other minted assholes who are forced to live on their saved bonuses somewhere in the Peloponnesian islands we watch in horror as the remaining vestiges of everything our parents ever fought for are finally swept away in a last despairing attempt to shore up the whole stinking edifice of privilege and class structure

 Slavering Barbarians are in the courtyard with their glinting scimitars newly sharpened on the ever turning grindstone of privatisation, waiting  for that most sumptuous of prizes known as the NHS to fall into their greedy clutches whilst the rest of us are expected to go whimpering back to those hyper mortgaged lairs we call our homes and console ourselves with the ultimate propagandists obscenity that “We are all in this together”

 Well fuck that for a game of soldiers, it’s time for us all to stand up and sing out in one voice that we are neither stupid nor complicit and we are, as that old movie classic “Network” taught us, as mad as hell and we aint gonna take it anymore. 

Copyright: Harry Rogers September 2011


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